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Switchyard Sub Station Structural Steel

Substation Structures, 66 kV to 765 kV

These structures includes Gantries and Equipment Support Structures. Gantry structures are mainly used for guiding the power conductor from last tower near substation to the electrical equipments in a substation. This structure consist of a number of columns and Girder beams, which depend on number of circuits of the line. Gantries are also used for line crossing.

Power conductors of one line can be underpassed with the help of required number of gantries. Equipment Support Structures are columns, supporting electric equipments in a substation.

Depending upon the site and client's requirement, the Gantry and Equipment support structures can be mounted on substation building also.

Gantry Structural Steel

Gantry Structural steel

Railway Electrification Structures Masts

Mast is erected on the foundation to hold the entire static and dynamic load of the OHE.

Mast are designed to suit different application and standardized accordingly. There are three major applications namely: Independent Structures, Portal and Two/Three Track Cantilever Structures.

Railway's Masts Portal

Vijay Transmission Pvt Ltd, is an CORE PART I approved vendor to manufacture and supply all ranges of structures, like Portals, Masts, Beams, Gantries, Small Parts Steel, Sub-station structures and Special type of structures. Our Versatile Offering to our customers CORE approved full range cum diverse product basket RSJ Mast, BFB Mast, B Series Mast, TTC Mast, Portal, SPS.

Wind Power Structures -RSJ Poles (MS-RO & HDG / GI)

RSJ Poles
Vijay Transmission Pvt Ltd
 supplies a wide range of RSJ Poles. RSJ Poles are used in electric transmission lines, power sub stations and base frames.
Size in mmAverage Weight
116 x 100 STD23.007.00
116 x 100 LIGHT21.006.40
125 x 70 STD13.304.00
125 x 70 MED11.503.50
152 x 152 STD37.1011.30
152 x 152 LIGHT34.0010.36
175 x 8519.606.00
Rolling Tolerances
WebFlangeSectional weightLength
up to 200 mm +3 mm / -2 mm above 200 mm ± 3 mm 
up to 100 mm ± 2 mm
100 to 125 mm ± 2.5 mm
125 to 250 mm ± 4 mm
± 2.5 %For fixed length : ± 100 mm

Chemical compositions Mechanical properties

The data given above is indicative. Actual weights may vary

developes specific sections. Specific sizes in any section can be developed for economical and feasible quantity, in Mild Steel, High Tensile, En 8 / 8D /  9 / 16 material.

Railway Electrification Structure Masts Portal & SPS

When structures hold OHE of one line including two/three cantilever assembly of the same elementary section. These structures are classified as RSJ (Rolled Steel Joists) and BFB (Broad Flange Beam).

Mast are designed to suit different application and standardized accordingly. There are three major applications namely: Independent Structures, Portal and Two/Three Track Cantilever Structures.
  • RSJ Mast: It is an I or H cross-section beam. The horizontal and vertical elements are called flanges and web respectively. Beam theory shows that I shaped section is very efficient for carrying both bending and shear loads in the plane of the web. Size used is 203x152mm. The mast is further classified into A, B, C, E H depending upon drilling hole for supporting different type of OHE equipment.
  • BFB Mast: The Horizontal and vertical dimensions are same in this design of mast. Sizes vary from 152x152mm to 400x400mm depending upon the load which the mast is required to carry. These masts are good for resisting bending moment but weak in arresting twisting moment. These masts are further classified into three category depending upon the drilling holes for mounting. Weight of 152x152mm size mast is 30.4kg./meter
  • Fabricated Mast (K-series): These masts are fabricated by channels and flats welded in K design. The dimensions across the track is fixed as 300mm and varied along the track as K100 (23.12Kg/m) , K125 (29.56Kg/m) K150 (37.25Kg/m) K175 (42.65Kg/m) K200 (48.64Kg/m), K225 (56.10Kg/m) K250 (65.11Kg/m) where the suffix indicates the dimension and weight in Kg/meter. K100 is used for mounting auxiliary transformer and K125 de-standardized.  Due to higher width they are unsuitable where minimum track center of 4.72 is available.
Independent structures having mechanical independence makes the best OHE design. 

Earthing Strip Galvanizing & MS

A) Products Manufactured: 

• Power Transmission Towers ( 66 kV to 765 kV) 
•Lattice Pipe Type - Sub Station Structures ( 66 kV to 765 kV) 
• Rooftop GBT Telecom / Communication Towers (12 mts to 150 mts) 
• Rural Electrification Structures – RJP Poles, V-Cross Arms, Clamps etc. • Earthing Strips
• Railway’s Masts, Portal SPS
• Wind Power Str’s – Rsj Poles (MS-RO HDG/GI
• HOT Dip Galvanizing RSJ Poles / Beam
• M.S Black RSJ Poles / Beams
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